Studio Practice

Memory Palace

Memory Palace was a virtual reality installation at Space Caviar's RAM House at the Villa Croce Museum of Contemporary Art, in Genova, Italy.

Participants were guided through a simulation of Göbekli Tepe, accompanied by found virtual objects that were also present physically in the RAM House.

The installation explored the method of loci and the possibility of a virtual collective memory.

Second Foundation

Myself and artist Claire Tolan initiated the Second Foundation while in-residence at the White Building Centre for Art and Technology in 2015.

Inspired by Roy Ascott's Groundcourse, we hosted events at the White Building and the Goethe Institute London exploring protocols for participatory group interaction.


An online portal for rethinking the advent of quantified self terminology and technologies.

TerraMoods Inc. is building tomorrow on how you feel today, collecting data through a series of arbitrary questions which are then privately analyzed and used for the artist's personal ends.