unMonastery is a distributed network and a way to re-vision resilient communities during a time of environmental, infrastructural, and economic volatility. Interweaving the history of monasticism and hackerspace design patterns, the initiative is in the process of building a network of long-term living spaces to cultivate service-oriented work and practice.

For over four years, I worked to support unMonastery living sites in Matera, Italy and Athens, Greece, as well as contributed to the production of a library of documentation, tools, templates and reflection, known as the unMonastery BIOS.

Additionally, I co-coordinated the Global unMonastery Summit at Transmediale 2015, and I designed the open source governance for the organization, available on the unMonastery github.

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unMonastery pilot in Matera, Italy (2014).
Workshop, Global unMonastery Summit, Transmediale, Berlin, Germany (2015).